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Here a few Help Sites which we find very useful:

Nominet Manages .uk domains.

Domains (Non .co.uk)
Check out other Types of Domains.

Speed Test
ADSL Broadband Speed Checker

BT Speed Checker
What Speed would a BT Business Circuit give you

Talk Talk Speed Checker
What Speed would a Talk Talk Business Circuit give you

Bandwidth Calculator
When downloading / Uploading information, it’s always useful to get a rough guide how long will it take.

VoIP Calculator
Check how many VOIP lines you can run on your Broadband.

VoIP Control Panel
Change how you want your Telephone Solution to Work.

File Checker
Check individual files for Virus’s from all the top providers.

AVG Web Site Checker
AVG Web site Checker is a very useful tool to check out a Website for Malicious Code.

AVG Cloud Care
AVG Cloud Care Web Portal.  You Can Add, Remove, Update any of your Devices from within here.

Report a Fault
We would all like our life to run smoothly, however, please raise a Fault Ticket and one of our team will gladly look into your issue and see if we can over come it for you.