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Microsoft Office 365

We are a Partner with Microsoft and Offer Microsoft On-line Services.  Microsoft offer a Wide Offering of solutions to which we have tried and tested majority of them.  Where we differ from other solutions providers is that we like to use the word Hybrid.

Hybrid Solutions are using the best of both worlds to make the Solution that suits you, the End User.  Sometimes you need to have solutions on-site and when we discuss your requirements these will become clear quite quickly.  When we both know what the requirements are for today and thinking for tomorrow.  This is why we use the term Hybrid, Some Solutions Off Site and Others On-site, Neither All On-Site or All Off-Site.

Top Tips
Microsoft have produced some really Good Top Tips in the Aid of Videos.  This is:
Microsoft Top Tips

Portal Access
To Acces your Microsoft Account, please use the below link
Microsoft Portal

30 Day Trial of Office 365 Buiness Premium
30 Day Business Premium (Including Applications, Email, Skype for Business and Lots More)

30 Day Trial of Office 365 Business
30 Day Trial Business (Which includes the Applications, Word, Excel etc)

Give AML Access to your account to support you
Make AML Delgated Administrator Access