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IT Support

AT AML we have a wealth of IT Experience and Knowledge when it comes down to IT.  There are always many ways of achieving a goal within IT and using our Experience and Knowledge a solution can always be found to over come your problems.

There are two main Basis which IT Support is given, Pro-Active and Re-Active.  Below are the differences.

Month to Month Contract Full Support (Pro-Active).

Full Support Package includes Remote, Telephony and On site support.  Using our Monitoring Utility we Monitor your Computers, Laptops, Servers, Switches, Routers and Printers every 15 Minutes.  Any Issues found with any of these devices we are notified and proceed with a “Call to Action”, sometimes without even letting the User know, they had an issue.

On Demand we produce some very useful information for you, such as the Below:

Executive Summary

Site Hardware Summary

Site Device Summary

With this information at Yours and our Finger Tips, you can make the best decision quickly.

Within this Contract, We Deploy Windows, Oracle and Adobe Updates direct to the machine (Other Settings can be Customised).  These updates are required to secure and can give performance enhancements on that device.  At the moment, we can declare a Client of ours has 78 machines throughout the UK and we know within minutes the status of that machine.  This is Fantastic for Compliance requirements.

Month to Month Monitoring Support (Pro-Active).

Monitoring Support sends you and our Technicians information based on your devices.  Again, like the Full Contract, the Devices which you choose to run out Application is upto you.  If an issue arises then again we will proceed to a “Call to Action” based on your requirements.  We have end users you like to do the majority of work, but like to keep us there just in case.

Break Fix (Re-Active).

Break fix is a Simple solution, you Break it, we Fix it.  Downsides to Break fix is that it is a Responsive support solution rather than being proactive.  It is more difficult for Business’s to budget for IT Spend when they don’t know how much things are to repair.  Some months for example you might not need our services, but then boom, a Server fails and it costs £££’s to repair.