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Case Studies

Case Study 1 (Connectivity)
Client “A” was paying for 3 Broadband Solutions, 3 Line Rentals. AML Installed them a simple Network and migrated of their Broadband to AML Internet.  Client “A” Monthly cost when from £120 + VAT to £19.50 + VAT per calendar month.

Case Study 2 (Server)
Client “B” had been quoted for their 4th server in 4 years. AML evaluated their system and on a prearrange weekend, removed their server, re-configured and re-installed. Their Server is still running on the Same Server 3 years on.

Case Study 3 (Support)
Client “C” was very confused with what they had, what they needed and how to manage their IT solution. AML located all their systems / products, Sat down to discuss the future and evaluated where the client was proceeding. Client “C” Is very happy that they 1 point of contact if they need to contact AML.

Case Study 4 (VoIP)
Client “D” wanted to move offices but were concerned over long contracts terms and expensive installation costs.  AML Installed an Analogue Line with simultaneous provide of an Internet Service.  Utilizing VoIP technology, AML was able to provide Client D with the number of Extensions for staff on a 30 day contract and as it’s VoIP they have been able to extended their offices up and down the country at no extra cost of expensive equipment.

Case Study 5 (Hosting)
Client “E” was recommend a Server Solution for their Website by a Hosting Company.  Client E was spending £350 per calender Month, to which when we reviewed their requirements we were able to achieve exactly the same for £70 Per Year

Case Study 6 (Backup)
Client “F” thought it was OK to Backup their Data using Tapes, until one day their Tape Drive broke and the manufacturer had stopped making the Drive years ago.  Client “F” luckily didn’t need to do a restore of their data, however this made them very concerned.  AML supplied them an On-line Line Off Site Backup Solution which backs up their Data, Off Site hourly with no human interaction.

Case Study 7 (Monitoring)
Client “G” had a number of machines located within their organisation, didn’t know the specification, make or model and was getting very frustrated whenever they wanted to do anything they froze or re-acted very slowly for the end users.  AML implemented our Monitoring Software on each of the machines in turn it collated specifications, makes and models, serial numbers for each of the machines.  With this report it was very easy to see what was causing the end user the frustration.