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Telecoms – Voip

VOIP is an abbreviation of Voice Over Internet Protocol, in essence a Telephone running over the Internet.

VOIP connections are fantastic connections given the right environment, such as getting them wrong and it sounds like your in a Bathroom.

We can advise where and when VOIP is great to be used.  Below is a few Example of where VOIP Connections are better than a standard Telephone system:

  • Short Term Use,  AML’s Voip trunks are a minimum of 30 days
  • Long Term Use, A VOIP Connection is fantastic if you require a telephone number in a different Geographical Area, or you are going to move around the same Telephone area.  Just because you are within a certain area code does not mean that you can move your number within it.
  • Teleworkers, You require staff or indeed yourself to have the ability to work from home, so you can a Voip extenstion to your Telephone Solution.