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Email – Fax

AML Telecoms are now able to provide outbound faxing on any of our 9 million numbers!  Using the service is simple – we provide you either a Local or Geographical Number, Assign your preferred Email address to the account and away you go.  All you do is attach an email to: FaxNumber@Faxes.AmlTelecoms.co.uk

Our service will construct a cover page with the subject and body of the email. You can also attach the following types of file, which will be rendered as additional pages:

  • Microsoft® Word (doc)
  • Microsoft® Excel (xls)
  • Adobe® PDF (pdf)
  • TIFF Images including multipage (tiff)
  • Jpeg Photos, which will be resized/auto-rotated to fit the page

You will be informed by email of the status of the fax transmission, including any retries or errors. Sending a fax costs 1 premium UK/Global SMS credit per page to most UK destinations. We only charge you for the pages that are sent, subject to a minimum of 1 page if the call connects. If the remote fax machine runs out of paper or errors part way though, we only charge for what was sent.