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Internet Connectivity

Internet Connectivity is a grand title to say how do I get on the Internet. This can be achieved in a number of ways, through Cables or going through the Air. AML Internet has the tools to guide you to which means is the best for productivity and also Cost.

At the Current Moment AML Internet has over 250 + Internet Connections throughout the UK and is currently growing day by day. We offer solutions from ADSL (Up to 8 Mbps), ADSL 2+ (Up to 24 Mbps), Fibre Optics (Up to 80Mbps) and Ethernet. These Solutions are all “Cable” based solutions. Sometimes you have to look up to the Sky to get connected. This can be achieved via 3 & 4G modems or via Satellite.

With the Internet becoming more of a day to day product, we have delivered via our Hardware Partners Routers to several Clients which use an ADSL 2+ Broadband Connection but then if it fails it transfers over to a 3G Connection, until the ADSL connection is available. All the client need to do was plug the Router in.

So, How do you go about getting this solution. Call the Office in one of our many ways and we can discuss matters Further.