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Domain Names

What is a Domain Name?

A Domain Name in simple speech is the Name after @ sign or after the http://.  So who needs a Domain Name, well anyone can register one and start using it once it has been registered, it’s not just business uses them.  Within the UK all .UK domain names are regulated by Nominet, to whom AML are very happy to an accredited member of.  Using a Domain Name is not just a for a  WEBSITE you can also use it for EMAIL or Both your choice.

What are the advantages?

What are the advantages?  What do you think sounds better for a business, JohntheBuilder@myfreeemailaddress.co.uk or John@WeBuildWhatYouWant.co.uk .  An example for a personal usage people who swap and change their email address due to them changing their Internet Service Provider (ISP) E.G. John@ExspensiveISP.co.uk has now change to John@CheaperISP.co.uk, so why not have John@TheSmithsMidlands.co.uk.  Choosing you own Domain Name is not restricted to an Internet Provider.

Whats The Next Step?

What’s The Next Step?  Not touting for business, but when it comes to Domain names Time is short.  Domains are normally on a first come first served basis (unless you can prove to Nominet that you have a case).  Place and interest with AML for a Domain Name and we can check to see if it’s available or think of an interesting one to go with your needs.  Buying a .UK is very cheap from as little as £1.25 per month.  If you are interested in purchasing a domain name, we do require to validate you using a number of Databases, such as Companies House, the Electrol Role and many others.  Photographic Evidence (drivers License, Passport) may also be required upon application.

So who are Nominet?

Who are Nominet?  In a Nutshell, “Big brother” over .uk Domains.  This means in English if you register a Domain name ending in .UK then you fall into a Nominet’s contract.  Nominet make sure that you are using a domain for Legal uses and that if there is an argument over the Rights to a Domain then it is awarded fairly to the correct party.  At the moment there are over 7.8 Million domains registered ending in a .UK   All UK Domain registrations are controlled by Nominet and all registrations are governed by their Terms and Conditions

Domain Issues
Nominet also provides a Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) which helps to resolve issues and complaints regarding the ownership or use of a UK Domain.  They can be found here

Domain Complaints and Abuse reporting.

Should you have a complaint regarding the registration or renewal process, or the use of any Domain under our control, please contact us directly – here You will receive a response to your enquiry or complaint within the next 3 working days

Should you suspect any Domain under our control to be used illegally, or you think is abusive, offensive or discriminatory in any way please contact us directly – here You will receive a response to your enquiry or complaint within the next 3 working days

Domain Name Renewal

30 Days prior to your domain name renewal, we email the address on our records, bringing it to your attention.  We then send out a number of emails declaring a Count down of days until the domain name renewal has past.  If we do not hear anything about the domain it will fall into the terms set by Nominet.  Don’t Panic though, the domain is still serviceable after the domain registration has expired, but in best practice it is better not to allow the Domain to fall into this.

Maintaining Your Domain

Unlike other Providers around the world, AML do not charge for moving your .uk Domain on to one of our TAGS nor to move away.  We only charge is the maintance fee for the Life of your Domain.

Nominet Audit

Every Year Nominet Audit review of our tag and make sure that we meet their requirements and Service Levels